descent #2 (2012/2017)
– for piano with electronic augmentation

the piece formerly known as the piece formerly known as boring formless nonsense (2016)
– for violin and electronics (preview)

the piece formerly known as boring formless nonsense (2015)
– for baritone saxophone and electronics (preview)

the psychic displacement of a Brownsuit in a Colorworld (2012)
– for contrabass and electronics (preview)

Percussion Solo: One (2010)
– for solo percussion


…come on now… (2014)
– flute/alto flute, violin, cello, electronics with the Seattle Chamber Players

no comment from the Grey Room (2012)
– string quartet with the JACK Quartet (preview, program notes)

= any number you like (2011)
– flute, bass clarinet, horn, piano, percussion

517″ for quartet (2010)
– violin, viola, cello, contrabass

Large Ensemble

aplisro. (2015)
– for flute/bass flute, bass clarinet, baritone saxophone, violin, viola, cello, piano/keyboard, percussion (preview)


Glory is the Lamb (2012)
– performance with video. In collaboration with Diarmid Flatley and Nick Peterson.


descent #7 (2012/2013)
– for 2- or 4- channel sound. Originally created for use with sonic furniture and speakers.

no facts, just slander (2017)
– for stereo sound


erasure (in progress)
– anti-interactive audio-visual installation using coral reef data from the 100 Island Challenge, in collaboration with Anthony Vine. Funded by the Qualcomm Institute’s Initiative for Digital Exploration of Arts and Sciences (IDEAS).

under the horizon (2017)
– audio-visual installation in collaboration with visual artist Maya VanderSchuit on the terrace at the Birch Aquarium in La Jolla, California. Part of Springfest 2017’s IMMERSION concert.

once in a while, i dont believe you (2017)
– 6.5-hour hypnogram/EEG driven sonification. Not one in the scientific or engineering sense, but rather a mediated sonification. Shown overnight in six channels during SlowSD. Zine text by Medic. (excerpt | zine)

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